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UK-based artist Chris Labrooy is a master manipulator of revved-up cars and re-interpreted realities, showcasing a selection of new renderings via his Instagram account. For his latest series titled ‘911’, Labrooy playfully positioned colorful Porsche cars into surreal situations and scenarios.

The artist began his ‘Auto Elasticity’ series years ago, featuring twisted and tangled cars in Tokyo. This time Labrooy placed the iconic 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera into picturesque and sun-drenched scenes drawn from the landscapes of palm springs, California, and its distinctive mid-century modern architecture. The Porsche models enact unusual poses, hopping forwards and backwards on one tire, taking dips in the pool, hanging from palm trees, and wrapped in an elevated cage. By looking at these hyper-realistic manipulated images, every car is twisted, contorted and modified so virtuoso that they appear weightless. Labrooy uses 3D and CGI tools, creating hyper-real aesthetic that has more in common with photography than illustration, making it akin to how video games are made and special effects are added to movies.


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