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Since 2015 HOFAP Magazine shows a snapshot of youth culture, bringing together the most talented people. The Vietnam based online magazine founded by Dane Nguyen and his team (SOW) shows the full creative range out of photography, music, travel, art, design and culture. Explore exclusive editorials and the best of designers, stylists, photographers and writers from different parts of the world, who merge to feed our 70,000+ readers with amazing talent, latest trends and inspiration.

The reader of HOFAP Magazine is a wanderer. And loves beautiful pictures and emotions. Therefore the international HOFAP team puts great value on high aesthetic standards. And naturality. The focus is on very raw, natural work with characteristic models, artistic fashion, powerful music and a timeless and international shaped lifestyle. HOFAP readers worldwide usually live in urban areas, are between 18 and 35 years old, are educated above-average, literate and have a strong interest in cultural movements of our time. They are hot-hearted artists who always yearn for creativity and sophistication.
Young, free, raw and creative – HOFAP is the nest for such daydreamers!

website: hofapcreative.com
instagram: instagram.com/hofapmag
youtube: youtube.com/hofapradio
facebook: facebook.com/hofap

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