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Dreamy photography by Du Yang

Female photographer Du Yang is based in Beijing where she graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Her work is filled with dreamy and poetic pictures that are close...

Identities by Can Dagarslani

In his inspiring new series ‘Identities’ part I and II Istanbul-based photographerCan Dagarslani creates sensitive portraits of the two girls Sophie Bogdan and ...

A Road Trip Through Bretagne

German photographer Janine Mizera recently spent two weeks travelling through the French region of Bretagne where she discovered medieval towns, picturesque landscapes and bonded with friends.


Society Of Wanderers

HOFAP Online Magazine - Society Of Wanderers: Where artists and wanderers tell the coloful stories of life by their own unique way via the alluring photoshoots and other pieces of art that hook up on the viewers’ mind. They are the brave and young hearts who once look through the camera, they won’t look back. They are hot-hearted artists who always yearn for creativity and sophistication. Young, free, raw and creative – HOFAP is the nest for such daydreamers!

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