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Photography by Chloé Le Drezen

The intimacy and rich tonal warmth of Chloé Le Drezen’s photography is grounded in the art history that she studied and the craft of film processing and printing that she teaches.

In my dreams

I'll see you in my dreams Hold you in my dreams Someone took you right out of my arms Still I feel the thrill of your charms

Jiji and Kinako

It's never too late to make a new best friend — just ask Jiji and this sweet cat named Kinako, who changed his life for the better. Documentary Photography by Akiko DuPont

Kimber Beck’s Self-Portraits

The photography of 25-year-old Kimber Beck takes the form of self-portraits with a retro feel. Her work might be better described as body portraits that explore intimacy with the body of the self, and with the bodies of other women.

Cielo Yu Photography

A young Taiwanese photographer, Cielo Yu searches for spontaneous visual discoveries, experimenting with various compositions and color combinations.


"Did you see the lights? As they fell all around you. Did you hear the music? Serenade from the stars."


Society Of Wanderers

HOFAP Online Magazine - Society Of Wanderers: Where artists and wanderers tell the coloful stories of life by their own unique way via the alluring photoshoots and other pieces of art that hook up on the viewers’ mind. They are the brave and young hearts who once look through the camera, they won’t look back. They are hot-hearted artists who always yearn for creativity and sophistication. Young, free, raw and creative – HOFAP is the nest for such daydreamers!

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