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Ren Hang Photography (1987 – 2017)

Ren Hang was arrested many times for his sexually explicit, joyously celebratory photography. Although he was globally renowned, he never gained the recognition he deserved in his home country, in part because he was repeatedly denied the opportunity to display his work in Beijing and throughout China.


New York-based prop stylist Josie Keefe and visual artist Phyllis Ma, who work together under the pseudonym ‘LAZY MOM‘, create vibrant and humorous images using food.

Wander through the Crystal Universe

Interdisciplinary art collective teamLab created an enormous virtual exhibition in Odaiba, Tokyo, including the ‘Crystal Universe‘, an epic interactive maze of lights and colors.


UK-based artist Chris Labrooy is a master manipulator of revved-up cars and re-interpreted realities. And now he’s targeting one of the most epic cars of all times, the iconic 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera.

All the art in london in one day

Think you can see every work of art in London in one day? Alex Gorosh took the challenge head on, with the aim of seeing all the capital’s art in just one day.


Society Of Wanderers

HOFAP Online Magazine - Society Of Wanderers: Where artists and wanderers tell the coloful stories of life by their own unique way via the alluring photoshoots and other pieces of art that hook up on the viewers’ mind. They are the brave and young hearts who once look through the camera, they won’t look back. They are hot-hearted artists who always yearn for creativity and sophistication. Young, free, raw and creative – HOFAP is the nest for such daydreamers!

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