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Samuel Zeller’s series Botanical captures the serenity and quietness found in some of the world’s greenest, man-made corners. Inspired by botanical illustrations from the 18th century, the images taken through the glass of the greenhouses seem to look like watercolor paintings. Blurry outlines of pink and green fauna appear softly pixelated and are framed by the simple, faded metal bars of the greenhouse. Taken at the botanical gardens in Geneva, Switzerland, Samuel feels the series is photographically preserving these glimpses of nature. The whole series feels beautifully romantic and the dreamy contrast of the smooth, blue sky with the bobbled, greenhouse glass only adds to the charm.

“My series reflects the heritage of an architectural period and the botanical research of the ancient tradition and combines these two subjects in one image. The greenhouse in which resides the subject of this photographic series is a controlled environment that aims to protect exotic plants by creating better climate conditions than the local weather. It’s also a beautiful creation of metal and glass, refined and elegant (just like the plants inside). The structure itself becomes a frame in some images.”

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