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West Bengali atelier Abin Design Studio constructed a pavilion of canopies for a tribal community residing in the countryside surrounding Kolkata on the occasion of a religious festival.

“The fabric canopy can also be thought of as an inverted temple Shikhara.”

With the celebration of tribal ceremony and the symbiotic relationship between humans and forest as guiding philosophies, the studio constructed an abstracted forest of canopies, consisting of nineteen discs raised up on bamboo posts to support undulating planes of sheer fabric. The design was conceived to reflect the ancient Indian pilgrimage ritual of traveling through the forest in search of enlightenment.

In a statement about their work, Abin Design Studio says: “The fabric canopy can also be thought of as an inverted temple Shikhara. The Indian temple is a classical example of designing a devotional community space. The conceptualization of the Pavilion of Canopies is in its essence, a contemporary attempt at re-imagining this ancient tradition.

All images © Sayantan Chakraborty

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