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Fans will have to continue waiting for Lana Del Rey’s new album, but for now they have a new music video to hold them over. Del Rey dropped a new video for her collaboration with the Weeknd, “Lust for Life,” and it’s only going to keep the hype train rolling for her new project.

You can watch the video up top, which features Del Rey and the Weeknd frolicking on the iconic Hollywood sign, overlooking Los Angeles as they sing the song together. It has a decidedly vintage feel, with an aesthetic looking like it’s ripped straight from an old VHS tape, and unlike some of Del Rey’s other work the video is a pretty direct interpretation of the lyrics accompanying it. She starts the song describing herself “climb[ing] up the H of the Hollywood sign,” and once she finishes the song’s intro, she does exactly that to rendezvous with her partner in crime.

via: complex

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