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Kim Nguyen is a freelance photographer and mostly taking pictures of people in general. She currently attends Quinnipiac university at Connecticut, and pursuing PR’s bachelor degree. Kim has been studying in the U.S for over 4 years, and also been taking photos for 3 years so far.

Party Animal’s concept was built by Jamie (Thao Zung), taken, directed and edited by Kim Nguyen. As winter is the season of holidays, we- Jamie and Kim– decided to conduct a photo shoot to celebrate this “party” season. We want to send out the message to everyone: “throw kindness around like confetti”. This photo shoot was inspired by vintage picture’s style and a little touch of our craziness. No matter what you are going to do during this holiday season, please never forget to share your kindness around to warm other people’s heart up in this cold weather.

Because everyone deserves kindness!

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