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When I look at my world but consider it the others’, I am happy like crazy. However, behind the outside happiness, I don’t know what left inside myself. Ignoring the old sad memories just confuses my mind.

In the end, I still have to think about myself and struggle with a mess inside. Why was it so smooth before? I feel like I’m falling in the air space, fondle and try to handle some pieces of emotion I catch. Even when I have enough courage to remember, I can’t dare to look straight at it, just close my eyes startlingly though they are closed. Sometimes I’ve got crazy like a beast getting mad, although a half of me yesterday was still fool. I try and try to figure out how to get the “emotion”, but it’s not easy.

Sometimes I also feel satisfied with the sadness I’ve explored, then feel like I intend, and it’s so meaningless. Every day I fulfill myself with an extraordinary happiness and an empty blue, but lastly just the empty blue stays.

And it’s just a bunch of petty pieces.

– Ai Hidenori –

Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Quy
M.U.A: Cao Quý Duong
Costume: Vu Bao Chau
Set up: Ngo Minh Chau
Assistant: Cao Hoàng Hoa, Pham Dang Khanh, Mái Nguyen


14188598_1122288684518369_8923497432982100437_o 14188260_1122288591185045_2012504669468357152_o
14188156_1122166177863953_7398142388545883499_o 14207705_1122166181197286_2849764200865229374_o 14231222_1122166144530623_407203364953055055_o 14258196_1122166107863960_9028139002433713920_o 14188330_1122166111197293_7916347784101829473_o 14195970_1122166091197295_7879971767953548178_o 14188546_1122166014530636_2809625231613151400_o 14206011_1122166011197303_7155902663229731880_o 14188646_1122166017863969_6633520045374031904_o

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