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The intimacy and rich tonal warmth of Chloé Le Drezen’s photography is grounded in the art history that she studied and the craft of film processing and printing that she teaches. Adept in the darkroom from an early age, she taught high-school pupils throughout her degree at the Université Rennes II in Brittany in her native France before mastering the finer technical points of commercial practice while assisting at Pin-Up studio in Paris. But it was working with the experimental make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench in London and the artist Andres Serrano that encouraged Le Drezen to develop her personal approach, earning opportunities to cover the fashion collections as a photographer for Dazed Digital, as well as commissions for Vision and Heroine. Her facility for editing and sequencing imagery can be seen in 1990 magazine, the print platform for young image-makers that she founded and edited from 2013–15, as well as her lively Tumblr and Instagram pages where intriguing portraiture, landscape and still life shots coexist in a characterful mix.


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