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Originally from Scotland, Mike Chalmers is a London-based photographer working primarily with analogue cameras. Chalmers creates portraits and landscapes that hold an innate dream-like quality, documenting the people and places he interacts with daily. Alongside editorial work for Crack and Vogue, Chalmers captures models such as Kat Wu, Tess Angel and Rosie Coppini in both studio and natural environments. He uses both colour and black and white film to photograph his subjects, often resulting in the film grain enhancing qualities of freckles and facial structure. Chalmers presents a natural view of his models, appearing frequently as retro styled ‘girl-next-door’ characters. Despite the tell tale signs of fashion, his portraits are often difficult to temporally place. The same can be said for Chalmer’s landscapes, which follow the photographer’s eye peering into lake reflections or from between trees into sunlit openings.


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