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Stephanie Brunia (b. 1984) is a photographer from Ames, Iowa, Brunia currently lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa.  She uses the medium to explore desires and fears surrounding human connection.

Thursday’s Child is a true intimate personal work embracing the view of the Stephanie’s father aging in a way she hadn’t before. Stephanie’s aim was to visualise the finitude of her relationship with her father. Yet, naturally as she began to venture on this topic, she came to the point of where she created universal story on “remaining present and learning to bear witness to all that makes us universally human”.

“Some of my dad’s aging became more apparent. Our rhythms were just a little bit different than they used to be. He walked a little slower, his hearing was not quite what it used to be. It was nothing extreme, but I felt the change and I wanted to explore the subtleties of that change.” The photographer uses gesture to explore her own anxieties about her father’s aging. In one picture she wraps her hair across his face as an abstract gesture that speaks to the notion of wanting to protect him while also visually obscuring him. With this project, Brunia wants to stop the time for a moment and tries to save what deserves to be saved.


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